About Us

We are Agritrade Ltd.

We are a global agribusiness trading company that connects places that are rich in agricultural commodities with customers who are looking for them, no matter where they are.

We are a reliable and solid partner that ensures constant availability and effective logistics of agricultural commodities and feed from the most distant corners of Ghana and globally.

  • We operate effectively and dynamically,
  • not afraid of the most difficult challenges.

At Agritrade, we always focus on flexibility in relation to customer requirements, reliability and responsibility.

Our Key Values:

The culture of our organisation focuses on preventing discrimination, caring for the highest security and protecting the privacy of the individual. We want to create long-term relationships with our suppliers, customers and contractors, believing that the future of the company depends on the people who create it and with whom we cooperate. We are constantly developing, increasing our efficiency and raising the bar higher and higher, reaching further than the eye can see, and embracing the whole world with the soul of our organisation, constantly supporting development, efficiency, transparency ensuring lasting competitiveness in the agribusiness value chain.


We build this every day in our contacts with both customers and business partners


We keep our word, always and everywhere

Building Relationships:

We believe that a business is created by people, which is why we invest our time in building good and long-term relationships


We adhere to the principle that whoever does not move forward falls back